Professor Malcolm D. Walkinshaw

Instituce The University of Edinburgh
Pozice Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology
Adresa Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology
School of Biology
The University of Edinburgh
King's Buildings,
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Main Areas of Interest
Protein-Ligand Interactions
We have designed and written a database-mining program called LIDAEUS (LIgand Discovery At Edinburgh UniverSity). 3D databases of available molecules are searched to select potential ligands for protein binding pockets. A number of novel ligands that bind with micromolar dissociation constants have been discovered. As a general strategy we select ligands suitable for combinatorial chemistry and in collaboration with Professor Nick Turner we have synthesised families of tightly binding ligands for cyclophilin. We also have a major collaboration with the Dundee based biotech company Cyclacel Ltd.

Protein Structures of Medical Targets
Signal Transduction Pathways

We are looking at the interactions between large immunophilins and Hsp90 and the structures of cyclophilin-40 have been determined. Other targets include CDKs and PCNA.

Antiparasitic Drug Targets in Lieshmania, Trypanosomes and Plasmodium

Together with Linda Gilmore we are studying a number of enzymes in the parasite glycolytic pathway including phosphofructokinase, pyruvate kinase and phosphoglycerate mutase. We also collaborate with Prof Yongyuth Yuthavong on plasmodial targets including DHFR-TS.

Metal-Binding and Redox Proteins
We have a strong collaborative program with Professors S.K.Chapman and G.Reid to determine the structure and mechanism of a range of redox active proteins isolated from the marine bacterium Shewanella frigidimarina.
Oblasti zájmu
  • Modulace buňečného cyklu
  • Molekulární terapeutické cíle
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