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Wageningen University

Kontaktní web http://www.wageningenuniversity.nl
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Kontaktní telefon/fax Telefon: +31 317 480 100 , Fax: +31 317 484 884
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  • Fytochemie a fytofyziologie

Wageningen University, part of Wageningen UR, is the only university in the Netherlands to focus specifically on the theme ‘healthy food and living environment’. We do so by working closely together with governments and the business community.

Our research and education are strongly geared toward application in practice. This is achieved through the close cooperation across different study directions and the combination of the natural and social sciences. This allows us to obtain an integrated approach of actual social themes, such as climate change, unhealthy lifestyles, the continued pressure on natural habitats, and the well-being of animals. The world is our working area. Our researchers are active around the globe and our university hosts students from over 100 countries. Inherent to the structure of the university is the amount of personal attention available for students and researchers. Our mission is, ‘To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.’

Wageningen University is part of Wageningen UR (University & Research centre). The university works together with research institutes and Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, also part of Wageningen UR.

Our education and research come highly recommended. Student numbers are growing strongly. Students ranked Wageningen as the best university in the Reference Guide for Higher Education for the fifth year in a row. The top quality of research at Wageningen University is crowned with the university’s position within the top 6 of the important citation indexes of its domain.

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Prof. dr. Harro J. Bouwmeester

Prof. Harro Bouwmeester is Chair of the Laboratory of Plant Physiology of Wageningen University, Wageningen, the Netherlands. The Laboratory is particularly interested in how plants respond to changes in their sometimes hostile environment and how...
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