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The Judea Regional R&D Center

Adresa Moshav Carmel 90404
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  • Fytochemie a fytofyziologie
The Judea R&D Center, established in 1998, is located midway between the Dead Sea and the Hebron hills, on the verge of the Judean Desert. In this area of steep climatic transition between Mediterranean rainy hills and extremely hot steppe, over just 30 kms, a wide diversity of plants is found. Plants are frequently transferred by winds from climatic zone to another.
The research center focuses on the ecology of local plants, and on its applications:
-         The local plant population has been surveyed and seeds of plants that may become extinct have been collected for the National Seed Bank.
-         Studies are performed on using local trees to combat desertification, by enhancing growth of herbs underneath them.
-         The cultivation of endemic desert shrubs has been initiated.
-         Collection methods for dew have been studied, to enhance growth in desert conditions.
-         Extracts from local plants have been studied for stimulating crops; controlling pests; enhancing health of domestic animals.
Plant Biochemistry and Applications
-         A bioassay has been developed to study Brassinosteroids content by the root curvature of Pisum sativum seeds
-         The Brassinosteroids content of plants growing in climatic transition has been studied
-         The application of Brassinosteroids, and plant extracts containing them, for treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is currently studied
-         The ecdysteroids content of local plants is being studied
-         The inhibition of Autoinducer type 2 in bacteria, by various plant extracts, is being studied
-         The insulin-secretion stimulation by local plants is being studied
-         The essential oils of endemic plants, and the geographical distribution of different chemotypes has been studied
-         The usage of plant extracts to treat lishmania, viral diseases, bacteria, fungi  and hypoxia is being screened
-         The adaptation of bacteria to essential oils is being studied
-         Plant extracts exhibiting strong larvicidal activities are being studied.
Pozice na mapě
Amir Kitron, Ph.D. Chem. Eng.,
Chem. Eng., Herb expert

Amir Kitron, Ph.D. Chem. Eng., working on plant extraction & commercialization, CEO of Herbs of Kedem Ltd. which participates in funding the R&D Center;
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