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Hungarian Academy of Sciences - Biological Research Center

Adresa BRC Institute of Plant Biology
Temesvári krt. 62.
H-6726 Szeged
Kontaktní web www.szbk.u-szeged.hu
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Scope of activities


Basic research for the identification of genes and molecular mechanisms which determine the development, light perception and utilization, as well as environmental stress responses of plants. Exploration of biotechnical approaches to produce plants with enhanced agronomical value. Teaching the results and methods of plant molecular biology in the framework of graduate and postgraduate programs.

Research aims and topics

Light as energy source, environmental stress factor and information carrier in plants

  • Studies on photosynthetic light energy utilization and oxygen evolution
  • The structure and function of the Photosystem II reaction center complex
  • The structure of photosynthetic light harvesting complexes and dynamic structural changes of lipid-protein macrodomains
  • The damaging mechanisms of visible and ultraviolet light
  • UV-induced gene expression in cyanobacteria
  • The mechanism of temperature adaptation of plant membranes
  • Identification of genes required for the regulation of the plant circadian clock
  • The influence of phytochrome photoreceptors on the function of plant circadian clock
  • Studies on the mechanism of nuclear localization of phytochromes

Identification and characterization of genes and proteins involved in stress tolerance of plants

  • Identification of stress-induced genes by T-DNA mutagenesis and differential gene expression profiling in Arabidopsis
  • Application of DNA microarrays to study the expression profile of Arabidopsis genes with regulatory functions
  • Identification of genes and proteins effecting drought tolerance in wheat by using functional genomics and proteomics approach
  • Detection of reactive oxygen species involved in mediation of stress-induced damage in plant system
  • Identification of genes and proteins induced during defence against oxidative stress
  • Studies on stress-related responses of plants by monitoring photosynthetic activity parameters
  • Studies on the role of non-coding micro RNAs in stress responses of plant cells.

Regulation of the plant cell division cycle

  • Identification of the key elements, which participate in the regulation of stress- and hormone-induced signal transduction
  • Functional characterisation of plant histon-dependent kinases and their genes
  • Application of functional genomic and proteomic approaches to study the main regulatory components of plant cell cycle
  • Study of embriogenesis, as a developmental process closely related to the cell cycle
  • The effect of stress factors on cell cycle followed by cell division markers
Pozice na mapě
Dr. Győző GARAB
scientific advisor, principal investigator

Dr. Petar H. LAMBREV
research associate

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