Název instituce

Institut des Sciences du Végétal

Adresa Université Paris Diderot
5 rue Thomas-Mann
75013 Paris
Kontaktní web http://www.isv.cnrs-gif.fr/isv/veranglais/presentation/instituta.html
Kontaktní email
Kontaktní telefon/fax Telefon: 33(0)1 69 82 36 96, Fax: 33(0)1 69 82 36 95
Komunitní servery

Researches undertaken at ISV overall aim at understanding the molecular mechanisms pertinent to plant development and growth, and the modulation of these processes by endogenous (e.g. hormones) or exogenous factors of both biotic (bacteria, viruses) and abiotic (osmotic and water-related stresses) origins.

Molecular, biochemical, biophysical, cellular and genetic approaches are developed to study intimate events underlying the above mentioned phenomena and to integrate these events within a continuum of scales that range from sub-cellular compartments to the cell, and from the organs to the whole plant interacting with its environment. Most investigations involved the model systems Arabidopsis thaliana and Medicago truncatula.

The ISV is one of the units that compose the Federation of Research Institutes IFR 87 termed “the plant and its environment”, that gathers all plant biology laboratories located on the wide-ranging Gif-Orsay campus.

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